Ivonino iskustvo u Rotterdamu

Naša volonterka Ivona trenutno je na EVS projektu u organizaciji Lava Legato iz Rotterdama. Pročitajte što kaže o svom iskustvu:

“Hi guys! I’m Ivona and I come from Croatia. I studied journalism, and it’s a bit hard to admit that I’m not sure what to write that my fellow volunteers haven’t already said. But I’ll give it a go. 
What caught my eye and made me apply for thisparticular project was actually a specific activity that was offered among many others – doing kickboxing with children. I loved kickboxing before so I thought this is going to be awesome. And boy, was I right. But, even the activities that haven’t exactly been high on my priority list became nice experiences because of the people I get to do them with. You see, when you volunteer at so many different places you get to meet so many different people. And, I don’t know was I just lucky, but most of the people I work with are amazing. (Who said that Dutch people are rude???).
Like all of my fellow volunteers, I’m struggling with the language and relearning how to communicate with my hands, feet and sometimes, well, my mind. 
I have a love-hate relationship with my bike – I love it, but at the same time I’m convinced that it’s trying to kill me.
I’m in love with this city. How can you not be? Completely destroyed, and yet, instead of dwelling on the past, it was rebuilt to meet and greet the future. It makes me feel hopeful.
Someone told me when I arrived that this is the city that does. And it really is. There is always something going on. I love music and there are festivals every week, from country to classical music. I also love exploring new destinations, and once again, Rotterdam proved to be a perfect choice – it is very well connected with most of the cities in and out the country.
So, the list of the things I love here is very long, but I am sure that the list of things I still have to discover would be even longer. And I’m really looking forward to doing exactly that. 


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