Be a book in a human library

You are tired of stereotypes and prejudices which you confront every day? Become a part of a human library!

Association PaRiter is inviting representatives of minority groups to participate in a project The Human library- Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Human library acts like any other library; the only difference is that books are people, who can inform, answer and ask questions, so they also get some new knowledges.

In a human library readers choose and ‘borrow’ a book with a help of Catalogues of human books, and they ‘return it on a shell’ after they’ve finished reading (conversation lhuman-001asts about 30 minutes).

Through direct, open, and friendly conversation between the books and readers, negative tensions  are decreasing, present attitudes are changing and empathy for others and different is empowering.

PaRiter has already implemented numerous Human libraries for public and high school students and all of them were welcomed by readers, students and books.

Sounds interesting and you want to get involved?

Great! We are looking for representatives of different ethnic and racial groups, sex and gender minorities, their parents, persons with different kinds of invalidity, homeless people, foreigners who live in Croatia (temporary or for a longer period), parents of children with special needs, albino persons… all people who recognize themselves  and would like to enrich our library with their life story.

If you don’t speak Croatian and you think that foreign language would be a problem, don’t worry – our volunteers will help you so your readers could understand you.

Selected volunteers we will prepare collective one-day training (in May, in Rijeka city), so they will get every necessary information about their role and expectations. After that, they will take part in three human libraries for high school students and those open for all citizens.  

If we have your attention, contact us on  till 25.4.2018.

We would love to hear your story.

The project is supported by Primorsko-goranska županija and Grad Opatija.