Be a book in a human library!

Are you a lesbian, a homeless woman, or a woman with some kind of disability? Do you confront with a bunch of prejudices and stereotypes on an everyday basis?

If you’re tired of it, read on: Association PaRiter is inviting representatives of minority groups to participate in Human Library: The stories written by women.

In a human library, readers choose and ‘borrow’ a book with a help of the Catalog of human books. After they finish reading it (conversation lasts about 30 minutes), readers “return it to a bookshelf.”

Sounds interesting and you want to get involved?

Great! We are looking for:

representatives of different ethnic and racial groups

national minorities

religious minorities

sexual and gender minorities

women with various forms of disability

mothers (with more than three children)

mothers of children with development disorders

rehabilitated drug or alcohol addicts

women victims of violence

refugees and migrant women

… and everybody else who recognizes herself and would like to enrich our library with their life story.

If you don’t speak Croatian, and you think that foreign language would be a problem, don’t worry – our volunteers will help you so your readers could understand you.

We will prepare a collective one-day training for selected volunteers (Sunday, 28. February from 10:00 to 15:00) where volunteers will find out more about their role and expectations. After that, they will take part in two human libraries: the first one will be organized on the Faculty of medicine of the University of Rijeka on 4. March and the second will take place on 8th March in the National Reading Room (Korzo 24, Rijeka).

If we have your attention, contact us on or phone number 097 6496 285. We would love to hear your story.