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pariter (Kopiraj) (2)

Human rights and civic participation association got its name by Latin word “Pariter” which stands for Equal and Together.

It was established in Rijeka, with aim to raise society’s awareness about human rights, also about civic activism, role, and obligations of an individual in and towards society. Association PaRiter was primarily founded as a reaction to relatively passive surroundings in which society doesn’t speak enough about human rights, women rights as well as social, cultural and economical rights of an individual. Our wish is to take active part in local community and to make influence on creating active citizens, which is a precondition to every democratic process.

Purpose of establishing associations action is promotion of respect for human rights according to International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and other similar protocols.

Our aim is to educate, to inform, to raise awareness about human rights issues, first on local, then on national, regional and global level through projects, workshops, civil actions, but also examples of good practices from other cities and countries. Association dedicates special attention to education and informing young generations which is a precondition for creating the healthy and active society which has the awareness of their role, but also awareness of their obligations to society and members of society they live in.

Minority groups, who’s rights are often forgotten, ignored, relativized or they are put on the back burner, they are also active and equal members of every society and society established on an idea of democracy demands equal position of all members so it is necessary for us to develop awareness about the fact that equality between the majority and minority haven’t been achieved, that human rights have been broken on an everyday level, that we are having a long way to equality. If we want to change, we also must encourage development of common dialogue. Association PaRiter has the desire to become a catalyzer of that dialogue and active factor in the creation of a city in which human rights of all groups will have equal value, in practical level too, not just on the declarative level.


  • -promotion of non-violence and tolerance culture, human and civil rights and freedoms as necessary preconditions for the democratization of society
  • -recognition and understanding of general and specific women’s rights, working on women strengthening and women’s movement empowerment, and creating equal conditions for their participation on all levels of public, political and economic life
  • -promotion of activism among citizens, also empowerment of citizens because of their influence on social processes
  • -strengthening local democracy, pluralistic and multicultural society as a foundation for building community by the measure of its citizens


  • -stimulating creative exchange of theoretical and practical approaches to education on anti-discrimination and human rights and building a social justice through on-institutional education , workshops, seminars, training, etc.
  • -encouraging awareness and knowledge about human rights conventions
  • -proposing, advocacy and monitoring of national and international public policy of not-discrimination and human rights
  • -developing a culture of dialogue and non-violent culture as a way of living
  • -affirmation of activistic approach of the local community (civil activism, multiculturalism and tolerance)
  • -educating children and youth about human rights decision process and democracy
  • -encouraging children and youth on active participation and critical thinking
  • -organizing education on human rights and cultural dialogue, etc.
  • -inclusion, exchange, and cooperation with related international organizations
  • -participation at international conferences on human rights